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BNRAIJ is an open access journal can be accessed anywhere all over the world. Primal aim to focus on advance learning, research work and exploration of new areas, in related fields and disciplines. As literature of every form symbolises the progression of human evolution and its innovation implied advancement in every aspect of modern civilized life. The day by day concept of evolving innovation in every faculty of research and learning enables the learners and researchers to procure handsome knowledge. This sort of new exploration in writing definitely helps and ensures the learners to attain the set goals and targets. As it is already made clear that the area of humanities and social science is vast and limitless, so needless to discuss the subject comes under humanities and social science as it comprises all the subjects. The language of the journal is English, Hindi and Sanskrit to reach the extreme researchers and learners that they may well search out the benefit of the journal without any bias binding of language.

Our aim is to establish this journal, as one of the best source of information for research- based innovation forthcoming in every realm of social science and humanity. To provide best to our readers, researchers and students, we always endeavour to bring out the writings/papers that embody the original work as well as innovation fulfils in all aspects of merits. This e-journal will definitely be helpful in reaching out to the end users of its kind and will work as a knowledge facilitator.