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Author's Guideline

BNRAIJ welcomes authors/research writers and calls for papers pertaining to all branches of literature, social science and humanity. Authors/research writers are requested to follow the guidelines from the latest edition of MLA (MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers) style sheet and other style sheets to know how to write research papers/articles with proper topic and abstract in sonorous cadence (rhythm).

While submitting article/ research paper or literary work, it should be follow up with a cover letter always. Though it is mandatory to clarify in the cover letter that paper bring forward for consideration is not published anywhere or not given to publish elsewhere otherwise the paper will not be accepted anyway. It will be a sole responsibility of the paper sender to be honest and do not send papers already published or submitted to other journal for publish; BNRAIJ will not be accountable for this in any case, if affecting anyone’s copyrights because of the paper sender’s error.

One more important thing is there to understand that articles/papers/research works/ literary writings once accepted and published to this journal reserved all the copyrights to the publishers, no part of this publication may be used or reproduced in any form for other publication without permission in writing from the publisher.